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The actual culprit: his health and usually the blood supply to the penis.
Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction?which means his lack of erection is due to a blood flow issue, as opposed to erectile issues caused by neurological, psychological, or endocrinological complications?is a huge predictor for major health concerns like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure or hypertension.

The arteries in the penis are just like the arteries all over the rest of the body such as to the heart, the brain, the kidneys, only those to the penis are significantly smaller. So if there is a blood flow issue happening at the level of the penis, perhaps to due to plaque buildup, then it’s only a matter of time before he starts noticing issues with his heart.

ED is really just the tip of the blood vessel iceberg when it comes to deteriorating health. So if man suffering from ED wants to treat the issue, some lifestyle changes will have to be made. Here’s are some suggestions:

See a men’s health specialist
Primary care doctors and urologists don’t always have familiarities with the penis and may not understand the physiology as much as they should. What’s more, a primary care doctor will likely just prescribe Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra?which ultimately does nothing for his overall health. The man using these drugs eventually builds a resistance to the pills and they do nothing to reverse the process affecting the decrease in blood supply to the penis and other vital organs.

Step up your physical activity
As couples get older and their schedules become more hectic, going for walks often become the primary source of exercise. And while walking may help relieve stress, it’s not going to improve ED. You really need to work up a sweat and get your heart pumping to improve your cardiovascular health. Transition some of your walks together into runs, and incorporate 2-3 strength-training sessions into your weekly routine. But remember walking is better than being a couch potato or no exercise at all.

Develop better eating habits
Abdomen fat is a big predictor of poor health. It’s a major red flag because it leads to ED, diabetes, high blood pressure, and issues with the heart, he adds. Simply put: if your partner’s diet consists of meat, potatoes, pretzels, chips and beer, this has to change. Spouses are often enablers of lifestyle changes, which is why the woman’s workout and eating habits matter to his ED improvement. So if you’re looking for a diet that promotes good heart health, it should be packed full with fish, fruits, and vegetables.

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Will it hurt?
When the local anesthetic is injected into the skin of the scrotum, vou will feel some discomfort, but as soon as it takes effect you should feel no pain or discomfort. Afterwards, you will be sore for a couple of days and may want to take a mild pain killer such as Tylenol, but the discomfort is usually less with the no-scalpel technique because of less trauma or injury~ to the scrotum and tissues. Also, there are no stitches in most cases. We will provide you with complete instructions about what to do after surgery.

How soon can I go back to work?
You should be able to do routine physical work within 48 hours after your vasectomy, and will be able to do heavy physical labor and exercise within a week.

Will the vasectomy change me sexually?
The only thing that will change is that you will not be able to make your partner pregnant. Your body will continue to produce the same hormones that give you your sex drive and maleness. You will make the same amount of semen. Vasectomy will not change your beard, muscles, sex drive, erections, climaxes or your voice. Some men say that without the worry of accidental pregnancy and the bother of other birth control methods, sex is more relaxed and enjoyable than before.

Will I be sterile right away?
No. After a vasectomy there are some active sperm left in your system. It may take a dozen to two dozen ejaculations to clear the sperm out downstream from where the vasectomy is performed. You and your partner should use other forms of birth control until we have had a chance to check your semen specimens at least twice to make sure that they are free of sperm.

Is the no-scalpel vasectomy safe?
Vasectomy in general is safe and simple. Vasectomy is an operation and all surgery has some risk such as bleeding, infection and pain, but serious problems are unusual. There is always a small chance of the tubes rejoining themselves, and this is the reason that sperm checks are necessary. There have been some controversies in the past about the long-term effects of vasectomy, but to our knowledge there are no long-term risks to vasectomy.

How long will the no-scalpel vasectomy take?
It depends on the surgeon, but on average, the operation lasts between fifteen to thirty minutes.

When can I start having sex again?
As a rule, we suggest waiting a week before having intercourse. Remember, however, that the vasectomy only divides the vas and has no effect on the sperm that are already beyond that point. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO HAVE UNPROTECTED INTERCOURSE UNTIL THE ABSENCE OF SPERM FROM THE EJACULATE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED WITH TWO (2) NEGATIVE SPERM CHECKS TWO WEEKS APART.

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Erectile Dysfunction Is Not Always an Affliction of Old Age
When you think of erectile dysfunction (ED), there are two assumptions that often come to mind: first, that ED only happens to old men and, second, that your sex life or appearance is to blame. I want to put both of these myths to rest. This blog will help you identify the cause of ED and what treatment options are available.

Recent research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that one in four men seeking help for erectile dysfunction is younger than 40 [2]. What’s more, 50 percent of men over 50 are struggling with some variation of ED.

Men and their significant others would like to believe it’s all in their head, and women often put the blame on their sex life. Some women even wonder “if it’s me” or “is he having an affair?”?but these excuses are often never the cause.”

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